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Alvin Knudsen asked 4 months ago

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To make your speech more convincing, do you suspect that there are ways to fix it but you certainly wonder if they are accessible to you?

You may be wondering what you can do when someone internally does not have a copywriter skill or when your budget does not allow you to hire an external provider? If you find yourself in it, you are not alone because this is the case for the majority of companies (all scales combined).
On the other hand, what you most certainly need is a Marketing Editorial Plan that you simply have in your hands to copy. A method to follow that will allow you to write your pages so as to make them more convincing. Imagine being able to multiply by 2, 3, maybe 7 the number of contacts you get through your site simply by following this method step-by-step.

Contacts in 4 points? Yes, you can! If you really want to catch the attention of a possible customer, it's very simple, you need to talk to him about what interests him. Immediately, from the beginning. And, in your opinion, what is it? Before I tell you what it is, I will tell you what it is not.
His attention will not or will not be captured by the history of your company, the potential successes you may have had, bokep indonesia the reasons that make you unavoidable. Finally, this is not the case for the first time. Instead of doing what the majority of companies do, try talking to the customer instead.

By talking to him directly about his problems, his needs, his history etc; this is where you really go to challenge him and pique his interest with hits. Why not explain to him and show him that you understand? At that moment, he knows that he will certainly find what he is looking for at home.
He is in the right place. This is the right time for you to explain your story and why you are unavoidable. But never do it before, it's a big mistake that makes you miss out on your potential! You do not ask someone to do anything in the dark.

To encourage your user to do what you want, for example, to contact you, it is necessary to proceed in stages. Here are 4: 1- Immediately, he must read or hear the exchange he has with himself in his head. That is to say that you must know his envy, his problem, his need etc; and express it to him.
If possible, even better than he explains it. 2- In a second step, show him that you understand his situation very well. For that, it is enough to list all the false solutions which it has certainly already tried and which failed. 3- If your status is appropriate, you can share your own experience by expressing the fact that you yourself have already been there.

Or, if you are a business, simply say that is the case of the vast majority. Both cases must be true of course. And statistics are welcome to support your speech. 4- And finally, you present your product/service. at this moment, thanks to the above, your offer is highlighted and above all, you no longer appear as a seller but as a company or a contractor who understood his client and his case.

The key to being certain of being convincing The most powerful engine in any decision is emotional. What you need to do is to emotionally touch your future client. Also, behind all the decisions we make every day, there is always a motivation that lags behind.
And this motivation is either positive or negative. Positive motivations are those that aim to get something positive. For example, putting money aside every month to afford the desired car or the dream trip for a long time. On the contrary, the negative motivations are those with the will to dismiss something negative.

It's often the fear of losing something you already have. The insurances work exclusively on this, fire insurance, car insurance, mobile insurance, and computer etc. Do you think that one or the other is more effective in motivating and pushing people to action? And if so, which one do you think?
I'll let you think for a moment. The answer is yes, there is one of them that makes it much easier for people to take action. And this is the negative motivation.

  • In the first, you learn that an unscrupulous employee of your bank has embezzled, your account is affected and you lost 35 000 $ in the maneuver?
  • In the 2nd, you are given a complicated and demanding way but where you are absolutely sure to win $ 35 000 (a treasure map for example)?

The answer is certainly the first case.

How to apply this principle to your site? The starting point is the principle stated above. From this one, you have to take a moment to think. The objective of the operation will then be:

  • Define and determine something your customers have and do not want to lose;
  • Then to show them why and how they can risk losing this something;
  • And finally, sell them your solution to avoid this loss.

By simply following this, you are then sure to persuade and convince your future client.

I propose a little exercise. The goal is simply to better understand your audience, ie your customers. Sit quietly at a table and take a moment to reflect on the following points. 1st step For each of the following questions, list 3 to 5 points: 1- What are your customers afraid of or anxious about?
2- Are they envious and/or jealous? What? From whom? 3- Can they be angry? Against what? Against who? 4- Are they frustrated with something? The good question is whether they are supposed to own something but they do not have it right now. 5- Are there real or imagined threats?

2nd step The second step is simple. Just keep only the most relevant points. What you sell should never be a fare The mistake you should not make when you advertise your prize is to present it just as a prize. On the contrary, here too, one must know how to redouble ingenuity.
This is an additional opportunity to further increase the value of what you offer. Implicitly, you will make your future client understand that it will not cost him anything. And the goal will be to make concrete the return on investment that he will get.

To achieve this, there are 6 ways. You will then need to identify the most relevant to you. It is also possible to combine two. Sell money It's pretty clear, to tell the truth. Here is the return on investment on which to support.
Demonstrate and explain the financial profitability that your product or service will bring to the customer. How much will your customer buying it be able to recover in X days? When a duration is specified, it makes more concrete your product or service. It is therefore very advisable for a little palpable service such as training for example.

Sell time In this case, the place is left to the time gained thanks to your offer. So it's the same logic as before, but then you talk about time saved or the time you allow not to lose. The goal is that the customer realizes that he can certainly do it alone but, be careful, that it will ask him to sacrifice a number of months, years.
Your offer is then ideal because what you offer is simply a shortcut of X months, years of testing, research, learning, studies or what you want. Sell what will happen if the customer does not act You simply let the customer know what will happen to him if he does not decide to take action; if he does not decide to buy your product or service.

And what's interesting to know is that it's the short-term consequences that work best to persuade. Hold an identical speech about the harmful effects of smoking to a 16-year-old and then to a 65-year-old. You will be more likely to convince the 2nd person than the 1st person. Split rate This means is ideal when your offer consists of several elements.
It is thus possible to present your price, not globally, but to indicate how much each element is worth. For example, if you sell something at $ 150 consisting of 10 items, present the price as $ 15 each. It is the same principle as to indicate a tariff in the form of monthly payments.

It has been proven that the brain retains in these cases the price of each item at $ 15 here or there monthly payment at $ 37 rather than the price as a whole. The price break is often reduced by a simple reformulation of the tariff. Compete with alternatives This is not always possible but if you can, it is very interesting to put your product or service next to its alternatives that give similar results but are more expensive.

Not always possible but the impact is huge when it is. Online training is a clear example. It is very easy to compare them to conferences, coaching, a seminar or private lessons etc. Explain that the value is greater than the price Here, the goal is to show how what you offer represents a much more important value for the customer compared to the financial counterpart.

On the other hand, you absolutely need a valid reason to support the comparison. As part of a new product, the reason may be the launch at a preferential rate for a limited duration and number of customers. Regarding online training, the product does not generate any particular costs.
This makes it possible to offer it to as many people as possible at an affordable price.

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