Indian Outlook Towards Remarriage Has Changed For Good

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For centuries now, Indian marriages are supposed to be the biggest show of pomp and bokep indonesia happiness that is existing.

Families and friends join in to make the occasion of marriage a memorable one for the couple. Lighting, food, dance and decoration all combine together to make a glam event. But where all the festivities, happiness and bliss seem to die down is the event of remarriages.
Remarriages have often been looked down upon by the Indian society, with parents marrying off their daughters and sons in discreet and unassuming events so as to avoid the so called society's glares and comments. This self-created shame seems to increase in case of bride's parents as they tend to feel this pressure from society more than the boy's side.

Even if the girl's previous marriage was called off because of dowry issues or due to incompetent and undeserving husbands, nobody seems to mind. Ultimately the girl is to be blamed for all that has gone wrong with the marriage. Also, widow remarriage still is a cause for great unrest and shame in Indian society.

This taboo with remarriages is also prevalent on the grooms side with remarriage being looked down upon by all sections of society. But lately this trend and outlook towards remarriages seems to be changing for good. No longer is second marriage considered something that has to be kept a secret and not to be disclosed.

Special matrimony sites are now being designed especially for this purpose. The girls of today are ready to walk away from failed marriages and unmanageable relations without the fear of society being judgmental and looking down upon them. Even the grooms of today are walking away from failed marriages and are having no inhibitions in looking for new life partners in order to lead a happy life.

The girls today are free thinking and liberal minded individual who seem to take all adversities in their stride.
If marriages happen to turn sour due to any reason they are ready to leave their husbands and search for more compatible and understanding life partners who will be able to help them in their life journey. Even the girls' parents are no longer under the pressure of society to avoid remarriage and make the girl stay with her in laws even if the things are not working out or even worse make them hide in their houses and not let them out.

The boys too are today open to remarriages and are prepared to look for life partners even if it means that the girls is remarrying or both are remarrying. The boys' parents too are looking at the happiness of the child to be kept ahead of all things. Brides and grooms when looking to remarry are always looking at making amendments in their previous marriage mistakes which they might have made and are now looking for the correct partner irrespective of whether the partner has been married before or not and this is what leads all of us to believe that the Indian society is changing for the good rapidly.

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